The best way to ensure a quarry operates responsibly is to hire local people to operate it - and that’s exactly what we plan to do. The Langham Branch Creek Quarry will support high-paying local jobs and contribute to the York County tax base. Our quarry will need skilled maintenance personnel, welders, fabricators, electricians, millwrights and heavy equipment technicians - just to name a few. Jobs at our quarry will offer important health and retirement benefits that will support area families. As a source of tax revenue for the county, our operations will benefit local taxpayers by funding projects like roads and schools, which helps keep property taxes low. Just as importantly, local quarries–like Langham Branch–ensure a local supply of construction-grade aggregates, which makes homes more affordable for local homeowners and infrastructure more affordable for local taxpayers.

The Phoenix-Center study provides an in-depth analysis of the economic benefits a quarry brings to the community and can be viewed here.

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