Safe Working Environment

Langham Branch Creek Quarry is committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees, vendors, contracted truck drivers, and anyone else visiting our site. We will work unceasingly to cultivate a culture of safety from the hourly workers to upper management with the belief that, “Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility.”

Commitment to the Community

We will work hard to listen to our neighbors, preserve the local quality of life and protect York County’s environment that we all care about. The use of berms around the perimeter of the quarry will conceal its operations and maintain the picturesque beauty of the York County countryside. Our operations place a great deal of emphasis on environmental protective features and high-tech monitoring to not only ensure a safe work environment for the employees, contractors and visitors inside the quarry, but also to protect the surrounding community.

For example, fog cannons will be used to control dust from our operations. Covers, enclosures, foggers, spray bars and foam applicators are used to capture dust on-site. Strategically-placed monitoring wells are positioned around the perimeter of the quarry to ensure our operations do not negatively impact the water table or the home water wells of our neighbors.