Omarr, LLC has been operating a 34.4 acre Mine on the existing site since 2015. This mine has been supplying the community with construction materials for the last seven years as an integral part of the community. Prior to Omarr, LLC operating the quarry, South Carolina Department of Transportation had been using 10 acres of the property for mining operations. This property has a long history of providing important construction materials to the region. The property is properly zoned to allow mining on the property. The property is large enough and rural enough that it complies with local county ordinances to operate a significant mining operation. This property is located south of a land fill, west of waste water treatment plant, and touches industrial zoning.

Best Practices

Beautification & Property Line Setbacks

Preservation of the natural beauty and scenic landscape is of paramount importance to us. With smart planning and attention to detail, quarry operations can effectively blend into the area around it. Property Line Setbacks are established by York County to help the quarry blend into the community and provide a buffer zone between neighbors and active quarry operations. In these buffer zones, earthen berms will be constructed to further reduce any noise and light from escaping the facility. After the implementation of these buffer zones and berms, those not already aware of a quarry are often surprised to learn of its existence.


When our operations are complete, we reclaim every acre. The property will then enjoy a “second life.” Former quarries have been used in numerous different ways including neighborhoods, fishing lakes, public parks, farms, pasture, permanent conservation and even golf courses. Part of our permit with South Carolina includes a reclamation plan that ensures beneficial community use of the land well into the future.

Hours of Operation

The quarry will operate 7 days per week 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Blasting operations will be limited to 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday. No blasting will occur on weekends.


We have completed a traffic study working in conjunction with the county and the SC DOT to ensure any impact to the local community is minimized. Through this traffic study the SC DOT and County have determined our project will not impact the surrounding traffic network in a negative manner. In fact, adding a quarry to the community should reduce the traffic burden in the county overall by reducing the overall average round trip distance. Our operation will have a truck wheel wash as well as paved entrances to eliminate any potential track out issues to public roads. New technology in the trucking industry also makes drivers safer, more accountable and careful on the road.